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If there is an objection then a vote will need to be held.So, this is why it's called Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.Liquidation allows you to bring an Insolvent company to an end.

As the Director of a limited company, it is a relief to know that you are able to put your company into Voluntary Liquidation and make a fresh start, putting the past well and truly behind you.

The directors realise that the company is insolvent and they must stop trading.

The shareholders then ask a licensed insolvency practitioner to call a creditors meeting as soon as possible (this can be done online, by phone or in person.

Insolvent liquidation (or winding up) is when a company stops trading and its assets and property are realised (ie turned into cash) and distributed to creditors in satisfaction of the debts that they are owed.

Following the end of liquidation, the company is dissolved.

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Have you ever wondered why one day a company is in existence and a few years down the line that company is non-existent?

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