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Conclusions: Taken together, the data from these experiments suggest that the inflammation which occurs before or during VEGF-induced pathological brain angiogenesis plays a contributory role in the pathological angiogenic process. Karger AG, Basel Received: December 16, 2005Accepted: January 26, 2007Published online: March 30, 2007 Issue release date: June 2007 Number of Print Pages: 9 Number of Figures: 7 Number of Tables: 0 ISSN: 1018-1172 (Print) e ISSN: 1423-0135 (Online) For additional information: Copyright: All rights reserved.

These same mice showed normal amounts of physiological angiogenesis in response to enriched environments, however, suggesting that a generalized reduction in vascular plasticity could not account for their poor angiogenic response to VEGF.

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Sepsis is a severe and life-threatening systemic inflammatory response to infection that affects all populations and age groups.

Some of these rats were treated with dexamethasone, a potent anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid, to inhibit inflammation and edema.

Results: We demonstrate that inhibition of inflammation by treatment with dexamethasone significantly attenuated VEGF-induced pathological angiogenesis.

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