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I used to dwell on my singleness on Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it and then after valentine revert to being myself again.

When clicked, a floating dot labeled "don't click here" brings users to an alarmingly red self-promo page. If I had the cash and a cause, would I tap The Republik by merit of its site?

But Olenna did not go without confessing she was the one behind Joffrey’s death, wanting to be sure Cersie knows. In “The Spoils of War,” I almost died as I feared for Jaime’s life.

All joking aside though, the latest episode saw hundreds of casualties but no major deaths.

Bowing to its slogan, "Change or die," North Carolina-based agency The Republik is inviting users to shoot the living crap out of its old website.

Choose from a 44 Magnum, a shotgun or a sniper rifle.

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The feeling is akin to the one you get when leaving a party just as the DJ is playing your favourite song or when you run to catch the train only to get to the platform and realise that you missed it by a minute or when you go back to purchase an item either in store or on-line to find that it is out of stock.

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