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Most food was displayed and accessed at the local five-and-dimes in communal food barrels—grimy, germ-infested hands would not do.

It was known as the "Ammunition Chest CAL .30 M1A1". Both chests were said to have been developed for use by the cavalry.

Mike's General Store is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have been in the mail order business since day one.

Our store is crammed full of; Old Toys, Old Tins, Advertising Signs and memorabilia and Unique Collectibles of all kinds.

An almost identical box but with different internal spacers was used for the Browning water-cooled machine-gun M1917A1.

The carrying handles of both types were made of leather and attached by both stitching and the addition of a copper rivet on each end.

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But in the late 1800s, food in tins was highly desirable.

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