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Have you struggled to make people excited about your startup?Ever felt that it was hard to make other people as passionate about your business as you are?Now that is a big call, but it’s a tangible step to solving what is a big problem.The Melbourne event (details below) will bring together around 20 Melbourne art directors interested in part-time opportunities in the advertising industry.A complex web of factors is at play, and it doesn’t just come down to making women’s hours more flexible. The CEOs of two job -sharing startups are about to come together to launch Australia’s first job-sharing networking event for art directors.It’s about making flexible working available – and acceptable - for everyone. The theory behind the event is that two heads are better than one, and if the industry can embrace and encourage more job sharing (where to part time employees fill one full time role) everybody wins.If you've worked with big names or reputable brands, or event the competitors of your audience, don't be afraid to weave that into your pitch.It lends credibility to your business if you are able to show how your business has helped solve problems or create value for a well known brand.

Speed dating, as two separate words, is often used as a generic term for similar events.Are employees proficient in the latest platforms and technology? Looking at their previous work and certifications/awards/education is a good indicator of overall performance. The best agencies treat themselves as a client, and it shows in the quality of their online presence.Take note of how the agency differentiates itself using its own skill set. You rarely see a movie without reading the reviews first, nor buy a car without reading consumer reports. Read what clients, current/past employees, or even other agencies are saying to see if they truly practice what they preach.Remember not to pack too much information into your pitch.Often entrepreneurs get caught up in the finer details of their business but don't see that this may be hard to absorb for someone hearing about it for the first time.

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The trouble could lie in the fact that you don't have a concise and sharp networking pitch.sessions connect members with each other in a fixed minimum time to either build bridges that can help you move your projects forward or simply to get feedback or inspiration by sharing ideas and tips!

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