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As some of you will probably already be aware of, I recently got engaged.There are many reasons why my fiancé is the guy I know I want to marry.Many authors have donated their books and/or their time to make sure each of our boxes come with an autographed novel.The proceeds for each box are then donated to charity. We are going to want to discuss it, especially if we are away from the internet and people who actually care.

(Photo via) They’re Romantic: The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Gone With The Wind—these are some classic romantic novels that bookworms eat up.

Quit making reading something you want and start helping your child make reading something he wants. Make sure you have a book to read and make sure you read it when and where your child can see you. If your non-reader is a boy make certain that his father (or other significant male in his life) is a reader and reads when and where your child can see. To counter the notion that reading is only a school skill and that reading is just for children you must provide living proof that they’re untrue. It’s easy to talk about your kid’s sports activities or what happened in her last video game session.

Make sure you talk just as much about what your child is reading. ” and follow up with, “Tell me a bit about it…” What you talk about is what’s important.

If you’re starving for a little romance in your life—a bookworm is who you should be dating.

They’re Problem Solvers: When you spend your days reading all types of stories—you become an avid problem solver.

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