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I am a devoted christian and try daily to improve myself ; mind ,body and spirit.

I am appreciative of all things and good honest people. I am honest and I do not often hold back when I care about someone. I am affectionate and caring to a man that is mine but I like my space when it comes to everyone else.

Where is a nice place to have an evening out in the area??

I just want to enjoy a beer and not be in a bar where the ave age is about that of my kids. Well you didn't say how old the teenage kids are, so I'll try to give just a general idea, out the Hanwell rd, there's Kingsplace.

The campsite held 600 artifacts, most of which were from tool making, as well as a fire pit containing ancient charcoal.Up north, the lake would have went to Currie Mountain and south all the way to Belleisle.It was a big lake." The lake would have been about 10 times the size of Grand Lake, which is the province's largest lake."This would have been the shore of a former glacier lake," said Suttie."The other shore would have been around where Dundonald Street is.

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