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The fact is that there are age cut-off points that most online daters tend to search by.The benchmarks generally happen in 5s and there are two big cut-offs at 40 and 50.Our bosoms sag to our ribcage and our fannies droop.Our slim waistlines have been replaced with doughnuts.Data shows that if a man is attracted to you, he will still write back, regardless of your age.Women receive 3x the number of messages men receive so just by landing in his inbox you have a better chance at success than sitting around like the damsel in distress waiting to be saved by prince charming.

She's been on Lavalife, Match, Elite Singles, Ok Cupid and e Harmony, and has found more luck online than off.

Online dating is becoming far more commonplace that we probably ever realized.

As an online dating expert, I’m approached by women in their 40’s and beyond that are interested in learning the online dating jungle.

Again, when we were in our teens and twenties, the numbers were about even.

In fact, at some points there were slightly more males then there were females; but the time you hit forty, from the age of 40 to 49 there are 12 single females for every ten single males in North America.

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