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It also included video interviews with designers and publishers at the event.

In this post, I provide tips for publishers attending the event. Separate the game from the presentation When listening to nearly 50 pitches during three days of speed dating, it becomes very clear who is prepared and who is not.

So that must be taken into account while listening to the pitch. Be professional This tip applies to both publishers and designers, and for the most part goes without saying.Between each date we allow a little time to make your choice of date using your "speeddating ticket".The event will continue (with a 15 minute half time break) until you have met everyone there.By the end of the night, you may be courting several publishable bachelors, or you may go home and cry into your pillow because no one loves you.Either way – for the designers and publishers alike, the evening is time well spent in the industry.

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Some designers will actually start their pitch in the middle of the game without providing any frame of reference whatsoever, which obviously makes it a challenge to fairly evaluate the game being presented.

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  1. This trend falls in line with what other companies like Twitter and Facebook have said about Canada in the past, noting the country consumes a lot of online video and therefore makes for a great testing ground for global rollouts.