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A massive and sustained Internet attack that has caused outages and network congestion today for a large number of Web sites was launched with the help of hacked “Internet of Things” (Io T) devices, such as CCTV video cameras and digital video recorders, new data suggests.Earlier today cyber criminals began training their attack cannons on Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company that provides critical technology services to some of the Internet’s top destinations.The new tweets on the compromised page will contain sexually suggestive photos and shortened links, using either Bitly or Google's URL shorteners, and redirect users to the adult sites, according to the post.The links also include an affiliate tag which identifies where traffic originates from.Some people would have you believe that hackers not only have the skills to gain access to the cameras found within your smartphone, laptop and tablet, but a terrifying desire to do so too. Is it just the ramblings of tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, or can people really spy on you through your webcam and smartphone camera?Worryingly, it's time to take the scaremongers seriously. You know how you’ve always been warned to properly check who’s sent an email before clicking to download attached file?

According to researchers at security firm Flashpoint, today’s attack was launched at least in part by a Mirai-based botnet.Cyber crooks hijacked more than 2,500 Twitter accounts and used them to post links to adult content in an attempt to cash in on affiliate programs that pay for sign-ups.Symantec researchers spotted compromises of the accounts of an electrofunk band, an international journalist from The Telegraph, and other high profile individuals during the campaign, according to a May 23 blog post.All of the user's other details are left intact, including their past tweets and their password.In most cases, the hackers replace the user's image with the photo of a young woman in provocative poses or lingerie.

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